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Love God, love People.


The wrong things I’ve done,
The guilt that haunts my mind,
Behind a mask of lies,
Feels like a roller-coaster ride,
To hell, the place for sinners to reside.

All my thoughts, selfish and proud,
The pain and tears I’ve caused a mound,
I am worse than a criminal,
Headed for the perishing lake,
And Jesus, whose heart for me aches.

Jesus, you I forgot all about,
My sins you could have blotted out,
If you I had on my side,
But instead I chose the devil’s path,
Forever to face God’s wrath.

Then came a strong mighty wave,
My stained soul to save,
God’s mighty foot, my sins trampled o’er,
They are at the ocean floor,
To surface no more.

Pardoned, a captive set free!
My sins all gone, never to find me,
Erased; now I’m a pretty sight to see,
And with faith wings I can soar,
Straight to Heaven’s door.


When the storms toss you afar

Shipwrecked with a broken sail

There is a King who names all the stars

A prisoner of burdens He will bail.


Tell Jesus, tell Him in a prayer

In tears still He will hear

Go close to whisper

All the things causing a stir.


There were times I too despaired

And sought the wrong listening ear

Jesus, a friend no one compared

For you, time He will always share.


Never think He doesn’t know

Your state of pained unrest

Did you forget He has divine control

O’er the troubled tempest?


It takes nothing to have Him near

Just as you are, He sure won’t mind

For since He remains Lord o’er the waves and air

Everlasting peace you will find.