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Once and for all

Not thrice or twice but once
Did Jesus die for my sins
His blood never lost its power
A drop of it will transform any man
I’m forgiven, once and for all

Then it’s no duty
Remembering the miserable past
Of sins and mistakes
Of all that is behind
Because I’m forgiven, once and for all

When Satan tries to remind me of what is past
Condemning me that I’m not good enough
God tells me in Hebrews 7:25 and Romans 8:34
That Jesus already paid for all my sins
And I’m forgiven, once and for all

‘Twill be an ungrateful life of mine
To still play the blame game on my soul
Resenting what is past
And the power of Jesus’ blood I still doubt
For I’m forgiven, once and for all

A clean slate, no record of wrongs
So tell the sinner who needs a Savior
That Jesus is able, once and forever to save
All who come to God through Him
And He’ll forgive, once and for all