A VALLEY OF DRY BONES — Ezekiel 37:1-14

A battalion of dry bones

A valley of failed hope

In darkness no light shone

The scavengers long eloped.


The Spirit of God as a wind

To the valley Ezekiel bring

Can these dry bones live again?

Only God the answer can say.


Then the dry bones the Word did hear

A prophecy not mere

A rattling sound now shook the ground

And each bone to its unit bound.


Bones into skeletons transformed

Sinews and muscles formed

Then clothes of skin

See, the Lord has done a new thing!


Breath from the four winds

The dead bodies did fill

Awakened them, each to its feet

The army of God now complete.


O you heap of dry bones!

Spirit dead, an exiled grave

‘Tis time to rise from Hades

Since for you the Father his Son gave.


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