The wrong things I’ve done,
The guilt that haunts my mind,
Behind a mask of lies,
Feels like a roller-coaster ride,
To hell, the place for sinners to reside.

All my thoughts, selfish and proud,
The pain and tears I’ve caused a mound,
I am worse than a criminal,
Headed for the perishing lake,
And Jesus, whose heart for me aches.

Jesus, you I forgot all about,
My sins you could have blotted out,
If you I had on my side,
But instead I chose the devil’s path,
Forever to face God’s wrath.

Then came a strong mighty wave,
My stained soul to save,
God’s mighty foot, my sins trampled o’er,
They are at the ocean floor,
To surface no more.

Pardoned, a captive set free!
My sins all gone, never to find me,
Erased; now I’m a pretty sight to see,
And with faith wings I can soar,
Straight to Heaven’s door.


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