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When my sins a multitude high,
Were the very nails in His hands;
On Golgotha, the place of the skull,
Jesus died to pay the price.

Betrayed, condemned to die,
Yet He said: “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing”.
His gift not for a penny,
But for the salvation of many.

The curtain halved, the love of God reconciled.
The temple destroyed, Satan overjoyed;
That I forever in shackles bound.
But alas! The temple rebound;
Three days, death could not succumb.

For the price of my soul,
His blood was for my Heaven’s toll.
The Lamb of God, to heaven restored;
To the right hand, forever as Lord.



Another soul a smothering past
Gone; yet awaiting judgement, ‘tis a must
My wandering mind still ponders
Was a soul lost or gone Heaven yonder.

I grieve not for the lifeless temple
But where souls gone will assemble
When the Creator says it’s the hour
Will it be Hell or to the Father?

A life without God is the worst
Meaningless, a vain quest
Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith
Knows our life’s end from the birth.

So live life as if there’s no tomorrow
And Jesus with dedicated service follow
Death awaits sundry and all
For life’s but a fleeting number of years too small.

There’s a peace that fills me
Since to Jesus’s side I now be
And my inner-self in full assurance
That to Heaven when my God calls, I will dance.

A VALLEY OF DRY BONES — Ezekiel 37:1-14

A battalion of dry bones

A valley of failed hope

In darkness no light shone

The scavengers long eloped.


The Spirit of God as a wind

To the valley Ezekiel bring

Can these dry bones live again?

Only God the answer can say.


Then the dry bones the Word did hear

A prophecy not mere

A rattling sound now shook the ground

And each bone to its unit bound.


Bones into skeletons transformed

Sinews and muscles formed

Then clothes of skin

See, the Lord has done a new thing!


Breath from the four winds

The dead bodies did fill

Awakened them, each to its feet

The army of God now complete.


O you heap of dry bones!

Spirit dead, an exiled grave

‘Tis time to rise from Hades

Since for you the Father his Son gave.