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Each day a time closer

For the Lord’s second coming

He will return as Judge

No more as the Saviour


Some say they have waited too long

Some say Jesus is never coming back

Mocking the truth, pleasing their own desires


With a mighty flood He once wiped the earth

The present world He has stored for fire

The ungodly will be destroyed!


A day for the Lord is like a thousand years

Slowly and patiently he waits

To see if all men will repent

For his nature is of compassion


‘Tis our task to live for the Lord

Pure and peaceful our lives be

Because He is coming again

Jesus is coming again!



When day greets the world with bliss,

And I can at least catch a glimpse,

Of the radiant sun and nature’s beauty;

I can’t help but thank God for a miracle.

For not everyone sees the day after night,

And I certainly am not better than them.


When I sit at table with my family,

And we can share grace happily,

I think of the orphan and the hungry;

I surely am not better than them.

Then I thank God for this miracle,

For it is by His grace.


When I step out for a walk,

And I can wave at someone;

And walk many thousand steps,

I remember the crippled one,

And the one who cannot use his hands.

They are not lesser than me;

But God gave me this miracle.


What would you say a miracle is? It doesn’t happen only once in a long time, I believe. It happens all the time, and a second is too great an interval maybe. When you breathe, hear a kind word; just smile, for every moment or activity that happens in a day comes with some miracle.

Even the misfortunes and the bad days are not so bad when you consider them. They come with a miracle – a blessing in disguise.

We all in one way or the other take lots of things for granted, forgetting that other people just like us are not so lucky. If not for anything at all, be thankful for the gift of life each day.

God gives us thousands of miracles each day and I hope you’ll see them when they happen and that you’d be thankful to God always. I believe reading this is someone’s miracle today;  just the words they need to be encouraged to go through the day.